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Created: 11-01-2004 by Martin
Updated: 04-01-2005 by Felix
Checked: 04-01-2005

Status: Active
Country: Czech Republic
Active From: 1997-
Genre: Black Metal
Style: Melodic/Raw
Official Site: Official Site

Agmen was formed in July 1997 with the members Tom (Guitar, Vocals), Michael (Drums, ex-member of Maniac Butcher), and C.O.F.F.E. (Guitar, Bass) as a way to forge a brutal and original Black Metal sound. With this lineup the band unleashed its first demo 'Tartarus' in March 1998, recorded in the Benas Studio. The band become too demanding for guitarist/bassist C.O.F.F.E. and he was forced to leave the band. 'Damnation', the second effort and first full length from Agmen was recorded in 1999 in studio Kuftr. Just two warriors conjured this devastating album, Tom (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Michal (Drums). 'Damnation' was a marked improvement for the band and shows the world a new face of brutality in Black Metal. 'Damnation' is not only a great achievement for the Czech underground but also for the perserverence of Black Metal worldwide. Agmen chose Breath Of Night/Merciless Records to release their unrelenting debut album. Since the recording of 'Damnation' Tom S has joined Agmen and the band recorded yet another work, 'Eternal', not yet released. (Source: Merciless Records)

Current Members:
Vlad Blasphemer : guitar   Maniac Butcher, Detonator 666, Dark Storm, Nhaavah
Michael : drums   Maniac Butcher, Detonator 666
Mormo : bass   Wyrm
Tomas Felix : guitar, bass, vocals   Maniac Butcher

Former Members:
C.O.F.F.E. : bass, guitar   Dark Storm
TomaSS : guitar  
Petr : guitar  

Tartarus (37:26) Demo 1999
1. Nekoneena Temnota
2. Prorok
3. Ledovy Trun
4. Nesmrtnelna Oise
5. Brana Vienosti
6. Bouoe
7. Propast
8. Throughout Times (Algaion Cover)

Damnation (39:52) CD 1999 Breath Of Night Records/Merciless Records
1. Andel Utrpeni
2. Apokalypsa
3. Temne Hory
4. Pisne Krkavcu
5. Mise Dobra
6. Zatraceni
7. Nesmrtelny
8. Pisne Temnych Noci
9. Kladivo Na Carodejnice (TORR Cover)

Eternal (35:04) CD 2000 Breath Of Night Records
1. Posel Smrte
2. Ritual Temnot
3. Oise Mrtvych
4. Pekelna Brana
5. Ledova Hrobka
6. Piseo Smrti
7. Victim Of Fate (Helloween Cover)
8. Lovci Dusi
9. Temna Poselstvi

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